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Pro-Dog's NJ In-Home Dog Training classes will teach you, your family, and your dog basic techniques, commands, and hand signals appropriate for your dog's ability and temperament. Private lessons are available in packages of 4 or 6 sessions. As with all of our dog training programs, problem solving will be discussed, from jumping up and mouthing to destructive chewing and house training. NJ Dog Trainers Near You! Serving Burlington, Monmouth, Mercer, Middlesex and Ocean county, New Jersey.


Our experienced NJ dog obedience trainers will help you understand canine development relevant to your dog's age. Many people are surprised to find that numerous behavioral "problems" are actually completely natural behaviors for dogs at their stage of development. These behaviors disappear quite quickly when managed properly without fear tactics. Through command work, we will help you to gain your dog's respect, the most effective way to positively and permanently change the relationship between you and your dog.

Through our innovative dog training sessions, you and your dog will learn:

  • Sit and Stay: Your dog will sit when asked and hold the position until you release him—even with the front door open!

  • Heel and Automatic Sit and Stay: Your dog will walk calmly on a soft lead at your left side and will automatically sit at your side when you stop.

  • Down and Stay: Your dog will lie down when asked and hold the position until you release him.

  • Off! No more jumping on you and your guests as you walk through the door! Your dog will be taught instead to sit nicely and accept a more reasonable greeting.

  • Come: Your dog will come when called. Honestly! With care and practice all dogs can come when called. Even yours!

  • Place: Our place command is essentially a crate without walls. By using a mat you can outline a designated area for your dog to stay. Your dog can bark, chew, scratch, stand up, and lie down as long as he stays on the mat. It's like an invisible playpen! And best of all, it's a portable command that requires you only take the mat and your well-mannered pet with you wherever you'd like.

  • Bully Breed Specialized Programs: We are Bully Breed experts and have programs and training geared toward American Pit Bull Terriers, American Bulldogs, all Mastiff types, and English Bulldogs.


Our at-home dog trainers in New Jersey have helped countless people manage canine behaviors that can be frustrating, upsetting, and sometimes even perplexing. We help clients understand and properly respond to their dog’s need for structure, guidance, and discipline. This is the key to eliminating unwanted behaviors and creating a healthy, balanced, non-destructive companion. Call our NJ dog training school today to get started.

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