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One common cause of unwanted behavior in dogs is miscommunication. Through Pro-Dog Canine Academy's NJ dog training program, you can be taught how to effectively communicate in a language your dog can understand! Custom, private, in-home programs for every dog & owner.

"We Are NJ's Experts at Rehabilitating Unstable, Unbalanced Dogs!"

Through effective communication and proper training, dogs can be taught to perform positive and helpful behaviors, anything from simple obedience commands to search and rescue.

Pro-Dog's innovative, custom dog training programs are designed to open the lines of communication and build strong relationships between you and your dog. As you achieve specific goals with your dog as a team, you will find the bond between you becomes enriched and positive.

Your dog will work to please you by exhibiting calm, mannerly behavior. When your dog is a well mannered companion, you will have more time to spend working, playing and relaxing together ! Pro-Dog's custom in-home private dog training programs are available in Monmouth, Ocean, Middlesex, Union and Mercer counties in New Jersey

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Recent Testimonial

John is an amazing trainer. My family fosters rescue dogs, and he has helped us and many of our new adopters with hands on training tips. John is patient and positive and involves all family members so the dog has consistent reinforcement in the home. He even had my 6 year old walking our Pit Bull Terrier attentively next to him on a leash. His one on one techniques are so much more valuable than a group training class because he is able to concentrate immediately on the behaviors you wish to improve. Often times when you rescue a dog, it is easy to become discouraged by prior learned behavior. John is able to focus on the behaviors that need improving no matter what breed or age of dog so you can enjoy all aspects of your new family member.

~ Karen Ali-McHugh

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